What Are The Best Trumpets For Sale Currently?

If you have been shopping for the best trumpets for sale, chances are you really do not know where to turn. There are so many out there to chose from, so many different types of quality, and brands. Here we want to take every type of trumpet player from a student, up through intermediate, and even touch on some of the best professional level trumpets being sold. We will take a look at what kind of value each provides based on the quality and what other people have thought about it.

Before we get started, here is a list of the best rated trumpets we have compiled together. These range from the entry level all the way up to professional trumpets. Enjoy!

oneAllora AATR-101BbBeginner3.4Low
twoEtude ETR-100BbBeginner3.9Low
threeLJ HutchenBbBeginner4.7Low
fourYamaha YTR-2335BbBeginner4.9Moderate
fiveGetzen 390 SeriesBbBeginner4.9Moderate
sixGetzen 590-S CapriBbIntermediate5Moderate
sevenGiardinelli GTR 512BbIntermediate4.7Moderate
eightKing 2055 Silver FlairBbIntermediate5High
nineBach TR200BbIntermediate5High
tenConn 52BSP CONNstellationBbIntermediate5High
elevenKanstul 1000 SeriesBbAdvanced5High
twelveGetzen 900S Eterna ClassicBbAdvanced5High
thirteenBach 180S37 StradivariusBbAdvanced5High
fourteenYamaha YTR-8310Z Bobby ShewBbAdvanced5High
fifteenYYamaha YTR-8335 XenoBbAdvanced5High

I have included a lot of information in the table. Just to go over really quickly so you can make your trumpet choice based on it, here is what they all are.

  • We start with a picture of the trumpet.
  • Then there is the model and trumpet manufacturer. Click on each link to learn a bit more about the features and what it has to offer you.
  • The key of the trumpet.
  • We then rate the trumpet. You will notice that student trumpets are considered beginner level, intermediate trumpets are somewhere between student and professional because professional trumpets are only for the advanced players out there.
  • Finally we try and estimate the price from Amazon as that is where I recommend you buy. There are usually some sort of discounts going on, but there are going to be a few different brackets. The first is under half a grand, then 500-1500, 1500-2000, 2000-2500 and finally 2,500 and up for only the best trumpets on the market.

What Type of Trumpet Do I Need Based Off My Experience Level?

If you click through the links above, you will notice that the cheapest trumpet is around 150 dollars while the most expensive is far over 2500 dollars. There is a huge price range between student, intermediate, and professional grade trumpets so you really need to know what you should be looking for and at what price point. Lets go over each type shall we?

Student Trumpets (for beginners)

If you are still in grade school and are just learning how to play, then student trumpets are perfect for you. They stand up well to abuse and overall are pretty easy to play. The durability comes from being crafted out of different metal and will usually have a bit more bracing than other trumpets. These are meant to hold up while a young player learns the craft. They will sound great and take abuse until you are ready to upgrade to the next level.

Our Choice For A Cheap Student Trumpet

inexpensive student trumpetA lot of people start of playing by joining band in middle or high school but are unsure if they will continue playing as they grow older. For this reason, I would recommend getting an inexpensive student trumpet. My favorite in this category is the LJ Hutchen Trumpet.

This price point is the price you would expect to pay to rent a trumpet for a year. Instead of renting, I highly suggest purchasing one yourself. This instrument will be quality and surely be good enough for any school band.

I have fully reviewed the LJ Hutchen Trumpet Here.

One of my good friends bought an inexpensive student horn when he was younger. Since then, he has bought 2 other trumpets that are much higher quality but guess what? He still uses his cheap horn for practicing or bringing to parties. It really is a great investment.

Higher Quality Student Trumpet

high quality student trumpetIf you know that you for sure want to pick up trumpeting as a hobby and will not drop it, I would highly recommend that you invest your money into a high quality student trumpet for you to play.

The most popular student trumpet that I see and currently think is a great purchase is the Yamaha YTR 2330.

If you are a new trumpet player, a great high quality student trumpet will get you through any band you wish to play during grade school including jazz band, marching band, and even pep band.

These trumpets are very strong. The Yamaha YTR-2330 is really a champ and even when you get it clanging on the bleachers after class, it will still play true.

What is the difference between an intermediate trumpet and a student trumpet?

When you buy a student trumpet, you get a thicker more reinforced type of metal. This will mean that the tone produced by the horn will not be as good. This is called timbre. Heavier metal may make the trumpet bell more durable but it will not vibrate as brightly and cause a dampening of all sound produced.

For beginner students, this is not a problem at all, but if you want to play at a higher level in the future or go into a career of trumpeting, you simply must upgrade to an intermediate trumpet that will be made out of better metal. You may even consider a professional horn!

Most Affordable Intermediate Trumpet In Our Opinion

most affordable trumpetI like to tell my students who are ready for an intermediate trumpet that the best option is the Getzen 590 Capri Series Trumpet.

This 590 Capri has excellent sound quality and is made very well. The valves on the Getzen are very smooth and feel excellent while playing. If you dig into the Getzen company a little bit, you will come to see that this trumpet has been being made for over two decades!

Full review of the Getzen 590 Trumpet can be seen here.

Is It Time To Upgrade To A Professional Trumpet?

You may be considering upgrading what you have to a professional trumpet. You really do not need to be a professional to buy one though. This is just a simple name that I like to use to describe the best trumpets that are being sold. You will notice when shopping that a professional trumpet will start at about 2 thousand dollars and go up from there. Beginners may want to wait but if you are serious about your playing, there is no reason not to get the best right away.

There is a big difference between the 150 you might spend at first and the 2 thousand dollar upgrade you are thinking about. So what is the difference? It still all comes back to sound quality and craftsmanship. I mean that the materials and the way the professional trumpets are made are much better. Higher quality materials and more attention paid to details equals a better instrument all around.

Top Rated Professional Trumpets

Currently, many of the professional trumpets out there are just great. To find the best one for you, you need to shop around and see what you like. I will go into two of my picks for the best trumpet below.

Best Professional Trumpet for Value

professional trumpet kanstul 1000I really think that the Kanstul 1000 trumpet provides some of the best value when searching for a professional quality instrument.

This Kanstul 1000 really is a beautiful piece and plays even better. You get full projectioin and amazing warm and bright tones. When you purchase you are able to choose one of three different bore sizes so you can make sure to meet the needs of where you are playing.

Read the full review here of the Kanstul 1000.

Most Popular Professional Trumpet

Bach-180S37-StradivariusPurchasing the best professional trumpet should be pretty simple once you take a look at the Bach 180S37 Stadivarius. This instrument is used by so many orchestral players everywhere. The next time you go to a concert look around, I bet you see a few of these around.

This really does produce the perfect sound. The Back Stradivarius gives you a bright, but extremely warm and defined tone.

Any advanced player should have one of these in their arsenal. Extremely versatile and clean, this piece will take a concert hall by storm.

Read the Back Stradivarius 180S37 Review Here.